Don Pealo

Don Pealo store offers a diverse selection of tobacco products, newspapers, magazines, wines, spirits, and various smoking accessories, while also providing online services, and serving as a pickup point for orders from their online shop with free postage.
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About Don Pealo

The Don Pealo tobacco, wine, and spirits store offers a comprehensive range of tobacco products, daily newspapers, and magazines. Additionally, it features a rich wine selection, including bottles from across the country, especially from Moravia and Bohemia, sparkling wines, and a wide variety of branded spirits. Choose from a diverse range of cigarettes, both dry and moist cigars, electronic cigarettes, tobaccos, smoking accessories, pipes, lighters, and gift items, as well as sweets and beverages. You can also purchase scratch cards, phone cards, and easily top up your credit. We provide online Sazka services. The store also serves as a pickup point for your purchases from the online shop, with free postage. We look forward to your visit.